Watch Out!

Watch Out!

Nutritionist Littleton MA Strawberries

These foods are best in season, so keep an eye out when you’re shopping! There’s nothing better than fresh, crisp apples in the fall and warm, fat blueberries in late summer. But what’s seasonal and fresh right now in this time between spring and summer? Featured below are a few selections of the freshest produce June and July have to offer!

There are many reasons that justify why it’s important and economically and nutritionally beneficial to eat foods that are in season.

Generally, the same foods are offered in your grocery store year-round. So what’s the point of eating what’s in season? When fruits and veggies are not eaten during their prime season, they are instead grown in hothouses or shipped from other parts of the world. In order to ship, these batches of produce will be harvested early and refrigerated during their journey to prevent rotting. This can prevent these foods from ripening fully, so you’re missing out on a whole lot of flavor and nutrients.

If you aren’t convinced yet, know that some food producers will even spray preservatives on their shipments and zap produce with bursts of radiation to kill germs, and you don’t want that going into your body.

Picky eater? Many varieties of fruits and vegetables are available at different points during the year. You might be surprised at what you learn is in and out of season. Plus, foods that are in season are usually less expensive due to the fact that they are in abundance at that time.

Which foods to watch out for in June and July:

  1. Strawberries: Because of the high levels of Vitamin C present in strawberries, eating them will provide a boost to your immune system and will guard your body against cancer. Additionally, these delicious berries have high levels of antioxidants to fight free radicals that may be damaging your cells.
  2. Asparagus: With an abundance of anti-inflammatory nutrients and antioxidants, asparagus can protect your cells from unwanted damage. Asparagus is also one of the best risk reducers for certain health problems, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
  3. Rhubarb: Rhubarb has both internal and external benefits for your body. When digested, rhubarb’s vast amount of fiber helps placate stomach ailments. One serving contains 45% the daily recommendation of vitamin K, which can encourage healthy bone growth and limit neuronal damage to the brain. A poultice made with this root can also relieve fevers and swelling.

There is an abundance of other fruits and veggies in season right now! Check out the complete list here.

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